About Tyler White

A wildly creative and passionate advocate of self and collective expression, Tyler envisions a world where digital technology brings us closer together, not further apart, and where we share in the joys of discovery and innovation.

Tyler grew up in Santa Fe, New Mexico and began programming at a young age surrounded by artists and entrepreneurs. He thrives with goal-driven parameters and milestones. He is also a visionary and recognizes the synergistic potential of collaboration with others.

Tyler deeply enjoys nature, the human form, learning new skills, and being with kids - the original innovators.

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Awards & Press

"Tech Bytes: Tyler White, A Man With Many Apps" - Santa Fe New Mexican
Awarded 1st Place - $40,000 Alcatel-Lucent iPad Challenge
"Santa Fe's Digital Alchemist" - Santa Fe New Mexican
Awarded "Best Use of Web API" - iOS Dev Camp 2009